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And so begins my search for more naturally based beauty products that fit within the budget of the not-quite-middle-class.  I knew it was going to be more expensive than I’m used to paying.  (When you loath paying more than $2 for a bottle of shampoo what isn’t?) I was braced for it.  Almost.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad.  It just meant I had to search a little harder for what I wanted and be willing to drop $15 for 1.5oz of face lotion.  (Thank God that I didn’t have to do that in the end.  But I was willing.)

And I did all of my searching at Walgreens.  I am sure there are better, more natural products out there.  I’m positive of it.  However, we are a young, single income family and I am careful to stay within our means.  (Translation: There aren’t a lot of moolahs to spare.)

In my searching I discovered that Burt’s Bees has a new line of natural products.  Their original formula stuff is still a lot better than some of the cheap garbage that I used to buy that is on the market, but they’ve taken it a step further.

The product is called güd from Burt’s Bees.  The Walgreens I was at carried only two of the scents, but upon visiting the güd website I discovered a third (and a fourth for Target shoppers)!  I’m only going to talk about the scent I bought, since I didn’t smell the others.

Originally I was going to purchase the shampoo and conditioner of another brand, but güd was on sale and had prettier scents (though is generally more expensive per ounce than the other brand, so you may see me review it in the future).  Another cool thing?  When you purchase a bottle of their hair products you can text in for an email coupon.  AND if you “like” them on Facebook you can also get one.  So, next time I need some güd products (güd…good…haha.) I have three coupons to use.  Fancy schmancy!  Thanks güd!

SO!  I purchased the Nourishing Shampoo, Softening Conditioner, and Hand Cream.

On with the reviews!

güd Nourishing Shampoo in Orange Petalooza
Paraben, phthalate, SLS, and petrochemical free.  Blood Orange Flower scented (Orange Petalooza).12oz. $6.99-$8.99.
In-Store Impression:
The bottles are super cute and happy!  It smells pretty and crisp, like citrusy things should.
First Use Impression:
Smells pretty and makes me happy in the shower.  Because it is SLS free it doesn’t foam the same so it may take me a couple of uses to figure out just how much I need for my thick hair.  Rinsed out easily and left my hair feeling soft and clean, even before conditioner.

güd Softening Conditioner in Orange Petalooza
Paraben, phthalate, SLS, and petrochemical free.  Blood Orange Flower scented (Orange Petalooza). 12oz. $6.99-$8.99.
In-Store Impression:  The same as the Shampoo.  I really like that the conditioner bottle is upside down.  Super easy to tell apart in the shower.
First Use Impression:
My hair still smells slightly orangy-sweet after being blown dry, which is always a plus!  I’ll have to ask people to smell my hair throughout the day to see how long it lasts.  (No that’s not creepy.)  The product was really silky and light feeling going on, and my hair still feels soft and moisturized, which is nice for my thick and sometimes frizzled hair.

güd Hand Cream in Orange Petalooza
Paraben, phthalate, SLS, and petrochemical free.  Blood Orange Flower scented (Orange Petalooza). 3oz. $7.99-$8.99.
In-Store Impression: Same as above.  Good size to keep in my purse.
First Use Impression: Feels super silky as you’re rubbing it in and not at all greasy.  My hands feel super soft, even an hour after I first applied it.  And I can still smell a hint of Petalooza!

I’m going to go ahead and use the product for 1-2 weeks and I’ll be back with an update on how I like the product.  If you’re looking for something, right away, however, based on my early impressions…I’d pick this up!  Don’t forget to get some coupons, too!

I was not paid or reimbursed for this review.  As far as I know, güd, doesn’t have a clue who I am or that I exist.  I bought the product because I needed it and wrote a review in the hopes of helping others currently seeking good, reasonably priced products with less chemical yuckiness in them.  Please no one sue me.


Som the laundry detergent change is official. I have been using it for a few weeks now and all of my clothes have been washed at least once, and rinsed with vinegar. Still I itch.

So I did what I’ve needed to do since I was 16. …I went to an allergist. I’ve always had horrible seasonal allergies and, more recently dogs and cats seem to bother me as well. So I went. In and they tested me for all of the most common allergies.

And guess what? My seasonal allergies are gooooooone! Hip hip hooray! Major hormone changes can affect your allergies and it seems that pregnancy had completely rid me of my sensitivity to grasses and weeds. I am, however, allergic to dogs, cats, cockroaches, and dust mites. Thankfully, the latter two don’t favor Were I live and so their numbers are limited. I do have a dog, and I avoid cats. But, because of some other stuff, the doctor doesn’t believe my itching is an allergic reaction to any external substances.

He had me go down to the lab to test things like my liver and thyroid, since problems with them can lead to itching, and to test for a gluten sensitivity. Hopefully I’ll hear from him by the end of the week. So….today. Most likely, however, I just have chronic hives. And we’ll deal with that once we know what is not causing it. Yay.

Soooo, the itching continues and I am taking ridiculous amounts of antihistamine on my doctor’s orders. In the meantime, however, I am switching to paraben and sulfate free beauty products. At least…mostly. And organic foods…mostly. Slowly.


I haven’t posted in awhile.  Oh well, it’s not like I have a large audience pining away after me, so I don’t feel too guilty.

I’m itchy.  So itchy.  I have been for almost a year, but it was always manageable.  I figured it was my body soap or maybe my deodorant, based on the location of the itchiness.  But over the past two or three months it has doubled in intensity.  Now there are very few square inches of my body that are not constantly itchy.  Over the past two weeks I have noticed a slightly raised rash, and that there is bruising and scarring localized in some of the more intense places, like my legs.

After a lot of reading and thinking, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am allergic to HE (High efficiency) laundry detergent.

I’ve always used free and clear detergents, because that is what I grew up with, so it never occurred to me that even the free and clear HE detergents would bother me…but they do.  Some more so than others, it seems, but they all leave me itchy.

So I’m going to make my own!

I’ve found several recipes on the interwebz and I’m going to kind of mix and match to suit my needs.

I’m really hoping this works, otherwise I’m really at a loss.  We’ve eliminated some other factors.  Like bedbugs.  Anytime I itch I’m instantly terrified that I’ve been infested with bedbugs.  Uuuuuuughghaosidalfdkjanajnfkanskmdf.  But David is not itchy and he has no rashes or bug bites.  So unless they’re only biting me, we don’t have them and THANK GOD.  Also, my itchiness is symmetrical.  (How thoughtful of it!) If I’m itchy on the outside of my left thigh you can guarantee I’m also itchy on the outside of my right thigh.

Another huge bonus is that it’s really rather inexpensive to make your own detergent…