Som the laundry detergent change is official. I have been using it for a few weeks now and all of my clothes have been washed at least once, and rinsed with vinegar. Still I itch.

So I did what I’ve needed to do since I was 16. …I went to an allergist. I’ve always had horrible seasonal allergies and, more recently dogs and cats seem to bother me as well. So I went. In and they tested me for all of the most common allergies.

And guess what? My seasonal allergies are gooooooone! Hip hip hooray! Major hormone changes can affect your allergies and it seems that pregnancy had completely rid me of my sensitivity to grasses and weeds. I am, however, allergic to dogs, cats, cockroaches, and dust mites. Thankfully, the latter two don’t favor Were I live and so their numbers are limited. I do have a dog, and I avoid cats. But, because of some other stuff, the doctor doesn’t believe my itching is an allergic reaction to any external substances.

He had me go down to the lab to test things like my liver and thyroid, since problems with them can lead to itching, and to test for a gluten sensitivity. Hopefully I’ll hear from him by the end of the week. So….today. Most likely, however, I just have chronic hives. And we’ll deal with that once we know what is not causing it. Yay.

Soooo, the itching continues and I am taking ridiculous amounts of antihistamine on my doctor’s orders. In the meantime, however, I am switching to paraben and sulfate free beauty products. At least…mostly. And organic foods…mostly. Slowly.