Photo: rsgreen89

I hate round-a-bouts.

Actually.  I love round-a-bouts.

I love how circular they are.  I love that you don’t have to wait for a light to turn green.  It is ballet on wheels.

I hate the phenomenon that surrounds the round-a-bout.

I don’t know what it is but smart people get stupid; good drivers forget how to drive; nice, wonderful people I would meet on the street with a grin and tip of my hat become my foulest enemy.

And no one is immune. Not even myself, and I like to think I am a decent driver of average intelligence. In the [almost] words of Gloria Estefan: the round-a-bout is gonna get you. One way or another, it’ll get you get you get you. If not today…it could be tomorrow.

Round-a-bout, I don’t know how you make me love you and hate  you all at once, you master of emotion, but you do.