Admittedly, today’s song choices don’t exactly fit into the category of “cover.”  They kind of do…in a medley kind of way.  I love medleys.  And I love these two medleys.

I needed a pick me up today, because I am starting to feel sick and our water is off all day which means David’s work uniform is not in the wash right now.  Thank you city for not letting me know sooner.  So.  Enjoy.  These make me happy.

Yes.  That was a cartoon medley. Next is super great too!

{Update: Sorry about the 4 chord video…  The original I saw had no expletives, so I thought this was okay too.  Finding a new video now!}

Update again:  Here!  Something quick from the Tony’s!

I hope you’re having a better day than I am…and if you’re not then I hope these made your day a little better.