I have had THE crazy weekend.  It has been busy and exhausting.  Bible study and generation photos with my side of the family.  A baby who woke me SIX times on Saturday night because she was cluster feeding.  Church and general busyness on Sunday.  A baby who woke me THREE times last night because she’s still clustering a bit.  So that is why my blog was sadly silent on Saturday and Sunday.  But I’m making up for it by sharing 3 videos today, so you’re welcome.  ;)

Our first video is a Norah Jones cover!  I love Norah Jones and the gentleman featured in this video gave her popular Don’t Know Why an upbeat makeover.

If you’re older than me you MAY have heard of Jerry Lawson, but it’s a slim chance.  He’s no stranger to the music industry, but way back in his youth.  He and his mates joined together last year for The Sing Off and were wonderful!  They tackled the beautiful House of the Rising Sun.  (Listen for Amazing Grace in there, too!)

Lastly, we have our Michael Jackson song of the day.  And it is a good one.  No singing, but when I discovered this ahhhhhhmazing guitarist I listened to every song on his YouTube channel.  I am in love.  The only problem I had was choosing between his Beat It and Smooth Criminal.  I went with Beat It.  Seriously, listen to the other stuff from this guy.

Don’t you feel just a bit inadequate compared to his mad guitaring skillz?  I do.  But also strangely happy.