Next week we have a theme—except for Michael Jackson Monday, that is.  Everyone cheeeeeeer!

Why?  Because, in my search for awesome covers I kept stumbling on covers from this band.  Just like Michael Jackson changed the face of music in the 80’s and on, The Beatles had a dramatic effect on rock’n’roll in the 60’s and are still well loved and influencing music daily.  So we’re going to take 6 days out to listen to some truly amazing covers of their iconic music. (Tuesday-Sunday)

So what are we listening to today?  A cover performed BY the Beatles.  (See what I did?  We’re listening to Beatles covers next week so today we’re listening to a the Beatles covering someone else’s song!  Yesssss!)

You may not be familiar with a band called The Miracles, but you will know this song, so sit back and enjoy.