Unless you’ve been hiding on the moon for the past 3 years chances are you are at least a little familiar with the popular show Glee.  Given that you are familiar with it, chances also are that you’ve heard their cover Journey’s Don’t Stop Beleivin’.  It’s peppy, it’s slightly flirtatious, and it’s performed by 30-year-olds posing as high schoolers.  It’s the stuff tv is made of.

I’m NOT sharing the run-around-and-laugh-because-we’re-finally-happy teenage romp from Glee.  No.  Better.  I’m sharing a Glee-ified cover of a cover performed by Nick Pitera.

Nick Pitera is a talent that has appeared on YouTube within the past years, known for his ridiculous range.  I’m serious, this guy has a range that I can only dream of.  Mariah Carey better watch out.  He tackles a lot of songs first recorded by female-leads and does so with more talent that half of the world’s female population could.  And if you’re slightly creeped out by it, listen and don’t watch.

(I had a really hard time deciding between this cover, his cover of A Whole New World, and his most recent Disney song, At Last I’ve Seen the Light, feel free to check those out on your own!)

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