(I’m very undecisive.  You’ll notice this if you keep following my blog.  I only had one evening to prepare for my 31 days theme and I have to say that I was really reaching with my initial theme…but this morning on my way to church I had inspiration.)

I love love love cover music.  I am always fascinated by how people put their own spin on someone else’s song.   So for 31 days we’re going to enjoy some AMAZING spins on well known (and,often, chart-topping) songs.

The first song is covered by everyone and their dog.  Seriously, everyone has their own version of this song because it is so hauntingly beautiful.  Over a year ago, however, I stumbled on this amazing cover done by 4 Norwegian gentlemen.  So thank you to Leonard Cohen for bringing us Hallelujah that we might all sing it.

Let’s chat!  What other songs would you love to see covers of?

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