The rumors are true: I made a wreath.  And that’s it.  (Hint: the picture.  It’s from my phone, sorry about the quality.)

I’m not a very crafty person.  I don’t even own a hot glue gun and I hear that it’s like the staple of every crafter’s toolbox.  And even still, I made a wreath.

I wanted to make one that could hang on our door, and didn’t cost me a dime.  Well, the one I made cost 3 dollars to make and I think it’s pretty not-half-bad.

I simply went to the dollar store and bought a medium sized grapevine wreath, some fallish leafy garland with lots of deep colors, and some purple ribbon!  I wrapped the garland around the wreath and secured the ends into the tightly wound wreath, loosely wrapped the whole thing with the ribbon, made a loop-and-bow-thing and viola!  Autumnal wreath.  No hot glue required.

The biggest problem?  I don’t have a wreath hanger for the door, so it’s currently hanging from a way-too-low-for-wreaths nail near the kitchen.

It certainly isn’t the most expensive or quality looking wreath in the world (I need to clip some straggly things hanging from the bottom, apparently), but I’m pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t look as dollar store-ish as I feared.   And it cost me $3.  Win.

Let’s chat: Have you ever made an autumnal craft?  How did it go?