Today is my husband’s birthday.  (I won’t tell you how old he’s turning, because it will make me feel old.)

Most people don’t know the David that I know, or that our families know.  On the outside he is quiet and blends into the background.  He’s kind and tolerant.  He likes softball and serves on the sound team.

But my David is so much more than that.  The David I am married to is an amazing man; he is humble, hilarious, generous.  The David I am married to isa husband who loves me deeply and sacrificially; a devoted and doting father.

The David I am married is worth getting to know and I am so glad that, 8 years ago, I did.

Today, on his birthday, I am so grateful for him.  The near two years we’ve been married have been worth the two years I waited for him.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

I love you, David.